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‘Shields Expanded’ is a two disc CD set and 18 track digital album which features the original ‘Shields’ record along with the eight additional B-Sides.

‘Shields B-Sides’ features 5 never before heard tracks, three of which are demos recorded in Marfa, Texas before the band officially began track listing the album in New York and Cape Cod. The Marfa Demos include the hypnotizing new single ‘Will Call’s’ plus ‘Taken Down’ and ‘Everyone I Know’ as well as two beautifully constructed bonus tracks, ‘Smothering Green’ and ‘Listen and Wait’. The ‘B-Sides’ also includes three remarkable remixes of tracks from the original ‘Shields’ including the Nicholas Jaar remix of ‘Sleeping Ute’ (which was released as a limited edition 12’’ for Record Store Day earlier this year) the Liars Remix of ‘A Simple Answer’ and Lindstrom Remix of ‘Gun-Shy’.


CD1 Tracklist
01. Sleeping Ute
02. Speak In Rounds
03. Adelma
04. Yet Again
05. The Hunt
06. A Simple Answer
07. What’s Wrong
08. Gun-Shy
09. Half Gat
10. Sun In Your Eyes

CD2 Tracklist
01. Smothering Green (Bonus Track)
02. Taken Down (Marfa Demo)
03. Listen And Wait (Bonus Track)
04. Everyone I Know (Marfa Demo)
05. Will Calls  (Marfa Demo)
06. Sleeping Ute (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
07. A Simple Answer (Liars Remix)
08. Gun-Shy (Lindstrom Remix)

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