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The Hunt Begins

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Sacred Bones Records

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The cover art for 1st record Sacred Bones released depicted an androgynous wild banshee wearing warpaint, clad all in leather and animal bones, holding a sacrificial knife pointed at the sky. Our debut single was The Hunt's lone statement. The songs were a visceral pulsation, etched in echo. London, structure fires and mental institutions all played a part in the downfall of the originators of 21st century redskin darkwave. 2009. After multiple tumultuous attempts at recording a full length The Hunt decamped to their collective hometown, Boston, to record the ultimate document of their time on earth. This document sat for years, untouched by human hands. 2013. The Hunt lives on. In honor of both the first and one hundredth release, we will finally see and hear the toils of New York's most enigmatic post punk band of recent. Ian Danger, percussive wunderkind, Mike O'Brien, whose four strings drew blood nightly, Christian Kount, master of negative space and Jasper McGandy, the man who's hopes for a darker future led them towards a reality we only now have the honor of witnessing. After all these years the time has come. The Hunt Begins.


1. Mountains (3:24)
2. Fifteen Minutes (3:46)
3. Summer Of Hate (3:04)
4. Set The Rising Sun (4:06)
5. Black And White (4:32)
6. Scripts (5:12)
7. Trainwreck (3:58)
8. When The Sky Turns Black (3:24)
9. One Thousand Nights (4:23)

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