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Quality Street: Expanded Edition

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World Of Twist are a deeply revered, respected band and one of the greatest ‘lost’ bands from Manchester. Genius is a moniker often given too easily but in World Of Twist’s case, not nearly enough. They cut through the hazy end of Madchester with a suaveness, a wit and an knowingness showcased by their collection of psychedelic, soulful, madcap indie pop. It set them apart from anything else at the time – “a Roxy Music for the space age” as Louder Than War put it. 

Quality Street, their only album, was released in 1991. It features the singles The Storm, the ecstatic cover of the Stones She’s A Rainbow, Sweets and the legendary Sons Of The Stage. 

The band left a mark on many people who have achieved greatness - Jeremy Deller, one of the finest artists the UK has ever produced, included a “We Miss The World Of Twist” float in his work ‘Procession’ at the Manchester International Festival. Noel Gallagher nearly called Oasis Sons Of The Stage and Liam Gallagher’s Beady Eye have covered that track in tribute to a band who influenced them so much. Noel even personally insisted that Jamie Fry, whose photographs grace the album artwork, was used for Oasis shoots.


Andy says: The ones that got away! Absolutely superb, psychedelic soul pop. They dared to be different.


Disc 1
1. Lose My Way
2. Sons Of The Stage
3. This Too Shall Pass Away
4. Jelly Baby
5. Speed Wine
6. The Lights
7. On The Scene
8. Sweets
9. The Spring
10. The Storm
11. She's A Rainbow
12. Life And Death (Extended Mix)

Disc 2
1. Blackpool Tower Suite
2. This Too Shall Pass Away (Chat)
3. She's A Rainbow (12" Version)
4. Sons Of The Stage (12" Version)
5. Sweets (Barrett 200 Mix)
6. Lose My Way (John Peel Session)
7. St Bruno (John Peel Session)
8. Kick Out The Jams (John Peel Session)
9. Blackpool Tower (John Peel Session)
10. I'm A Teardrop (Mark Goodier Session)
11. Fire (Mark Goodier Session)
12. Jelly Baby (Mark Goodier Session)
13. Sons Of The Stage (Mark Goodier Session)

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