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3 12″ singles with a printed flat in a 4-box poly shower curtain display case. There’s metal grommets in the curtain if you’d prefer to display it on your wall (or, if you’re especially nuts, in your shower).

All versions are unreleased except the original version. Each 12″ pack comes with a download coupon with all the tracks plus the radio edit of “Ohm”.

There are only 20 copies of this for the UK so don't snooze if you want one!


ORANGE COVER —- Ohm (album Version) B/w Oriole (mix 12) 
RED COVER —- Ohm (live Rock Version) B/w Oriole (mix 15) 
BLUE COVER —- Ohm (live Quiet Version) B/w Oriole (mix 29) 

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