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Do Make Say Think self-recorded its self-titled debut album in Toronto in 1996-1997 and self-released the record on CD. It made its way to Constellation's stereo in spring 1998, just as the label was getting off the ground. Constellation re-released the album in more elaborate bespoke CD packaging in 1999 and Do Make Say Think became the label's fifth release. This terrific debut remained one of the very few titles on Constellation that was never issued on vinyl, as the label's limited resources in the early years conspired against a 2xLP pressing at the time.

This historical aberration is now being remedied by a lovely deluxe double 180-gram edition of the album, with the CD's unique window-cut artwork and packaging translated to glorious 12-inch dimensions. One of the first groups to define a newly genre-blending aesthetics and collective/collaborative ethics of (post-) rock experimentation in the Toronto scene, Do Make Say Think has released a superb, dynamic and continually inventive series of instrumental rock albums since their auspicious debut. To commemorate the 15th anniversary of Constellation's 1998 release of the debut CD – we couldn't be prouder to present Do Make Say Think on vinyl for the first time.


1. 1978 (10:30)
2. Le'espalace (7:54)
3. If I Only… (7:24)
4. Highway 420 (8:55)
5. Dr. Hooch (7:49)
6. Disco And Haze (9:09)
7. Onions (1:32)
8. The Fare To Get There (19:34)

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