Wymond Miles

Cut Yourself Free

Image of Wymond Miles - Cut Yourself Free
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Sacred Bones Records

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On the heels of last years critically acclaimed debut LP “Under the Pale Moon,” and “Earth Has Doors” EP comes the sophomore full length from Wymond Miles, guitarist of San Francisco garage-pop titans The Fresh & Onlys. “Cut Yourself Free” assembles another convergence of moon-lit romantic swagger and post-punk massacred urgency. Again self recorded and produced to tape, Miles’ song-craft has emerged more refined and poignant, benefitting from the avalanche of his frenzied live shows, but also adhering to a more minimalistic fashion with crooning mid-era Nick Cave or Bowie/Roxy Music strains of pop-modernism. But what stands at the forefront is Miles’ command of his textural guitar and vintage-synth sprawl that on his choosing can open dream-like vistas, or pierce with an engine’s snarl. Turning to the narrative, Miles weaves each song with its own vignette of story line, often with a vaguely obscured protagonist/antagonist dialog. Relationships in Miles’ sketches are always tangled, if not licentious affairs, but are presented more as lustrous gateways to mend and revitalize rather than squalor in.


1. The Ascension (5:33)
2. Passion Plays (3:27)
3. Night Drives (4:06)
4. White Nights (2:12)
5. Bronze Patina (1:32)
6. Vacant Eyes (5:30)
7. Anniversary Song (4:43)
8. Why Are You Afraid? (3:17)
9. Love Will Rise (2:59)

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