Scotti Brains

Keep Your Eyes Open Boy

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Speedy Wunderground

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Scotti Brains is label chief and producer Dan Carey, best friend and fellow producer / recording artist Oli Bayston & Beth Buxton.

Taking their name from a shared love of San Franciscan psych band Bunny Brains and Dan’s cat Scotti (who coincidentally is prone to close his eyes and ‘dance’ upon hearing Bunny Brains), Scotti Brains was initially a project born out of early morning recording sessions following parties at Dan’s South London studio. Tradition dictated that the insane / furious / psych / punk / noise results featured Beth screaming over the tracks - major labels seemed unimpressed so a Speedy Wunderground release beckoned.

Having a full day rather than a few snatched hours to record, Scott Brains’ debut single for Speedy Wunderground is slightly more accessible than their previous late-night-output. A perfect summer-song, in the great Speedy Wunderground tradition ‘Keep Your Eyes Open Boy’ again features the Swarmatron but this time a lunch-break was allowed – the boss’ prerogative.

Recording Beth’s ‘vocal’ over the phone due to ‘relationship-problems’ (Oli & Beth are partners who split up during the recording of the single but now happily back together), the track also features an ominous and anonymous ‘keep your eyes open boy’ vocal snatch taken from a tape Dan had bought along with a vintage 1950’s tape recorder in the Oxfam shop on Streatham High Road. The tapes featured recordings of the owner and his friends ‘chatting’ and at one point a woman repeating ‘keep your eyes open boy’, a phrase that was to provide the title for the single.

‘Keep Your Eyes Open Boy’ is a summer warning to all who think it’s all OK (it might not be).

The label has previously released singles by Steve Mason & Emiliana Torrini, The Archie Bronson Outfit and Toy & Natasha Khan.

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