Mersey Dream

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Regal Crabomophone

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Stay return to Fruits de Mer! Spain’s leading psych band Stay are back on FdM after almost five years away. They’ve taken a break from gigging (including playing support to Beady Eye and Ocean Colour Scene) for record three ‘new’ sixties covers exclusively for FdM, and kick off with a new Stay song, Mersey Beat’ for good measure. Three 60s songs - The Beatles’ ‘If I Needed Someone’, Marmalade’s lost-classic ‘I See The Rain’ and the never-found ‘Guess I Was Dreaming’ by The Fairytale – get the Stay treatment...lovely stuff.

Stay is a psych pop band from Barcelona formed in 2005. Cosmic Rough Rider's Daniel Wylie, a friend of the band (he collaborated on the third Stay album Passport to Freedom) encouraged the band to record new stuff in the UK.

Stay decided to move to Liverpool to work with the producer Fran Ashcroft (Damon Albarn, Abbey Road,..) and record their fourth album 'The Fourth Dimension LP (2012)' in a semi-analog old school way, with great international reviews.

This album, full of groovy retrorock, jangly acidic guitars, 60s-90s inspired pop soft psych, excellent guitar-organ interplay and tunes, made Liam Gallagher (Beadye Eye) and Ocean Colour Scene contact the band to have Stay as their support band in both tours in Spain.”


1. Mersey Dream (Stay) 3:42
2. Guess I Was Dreaming (The Fairytale)3:55
3. If I Needed Someone (George Harrison/The Beatles) 3:35
4. I See The Rain (Marmalade) 4:09

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