Ras_G And The Afrikan Space Program

Back On The Planet

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Dusty, ethereal and bugged out, the Crate Creator's beats bring the past to the future. "Back On The Planet", G's latest Brainfeeder release, finds the blunted master of the beat guiding his Afrikan Space Program further out than ever.

After amassing a sizable discography of 7"s, EPs on a host of platforms, Ras_G & The Alkebulan Space Program are "Back On The Planet" for their most complete demonstration to date. The countless nights at SpaceBase behind the MPC and SP-303 have seen _G come fully into his own. On this project past experiments in chest-rattling bass, terse loops and bugged-out field noise come full circle. Ancient Afrikan poly-drum rhythms meet outer-synth splashes of white noise and intuitive experimentation meld with deep sub-harmonics for an otherworldly experience. "Asteroid Storm" captures the pulsating energy of The ASP's live demonstrations while "Natural Melanin Being" finds _G's Uncle Ra sharing a few words of wisdom that go very well with the therapeutic tones of the meditative "All Is Well." "Back On The Planet" is The ASP at it's most confident, shedding all barriers for an open and honest manifestation. Drawing from a source beyond the ego and dealing with the eternal, Ras_G & The Ancient Space Program are a cosmic outfit, eternally elsewhere but always in tune.


1. Back On The Planet
2. All Is Well....
3. CosMc Lounge Kisses
4. Along The Way...
5. _G Spot Connection
6. OMMMMM.......
7. One 4 Kutmah
8. Culture Riddim
9. Been Cosmic
10. Injera, Lentils, And Kale
11. Asteroid Storm....
12. Find Ya Self (ANU Wrld)
13. Natural Melanin Being...
14. Ancestral Data Bank
15. Children Of The Hapi
16. Jus There... (feat. Brotha There)

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