Lust For Youth

Perfect View

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Sacred Bones Records

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For fans of New Order, Demdike Stare, Andy Stott. On Perfect View, Swedish producer Hannes Norrvide returns with his third full length and it’s warmer and more inviting than any of his previous work. The album is composed of largely instrumental pieces, focusing more on beats, samples and general ambiance than its predecessor, last year’s Growing Seeds. Tracks like “Breaking Silence” and “Barcelona” highlight this shift in direction and overall mood, while tracks such as “Another Day” and “Vibrant Brother” stay true to Norrvide’s signature form. Overall this album ventures more towards rave than no-wave and this is perhaps most evidenced by witnessing their live show where Norrvideis joined by Vår frontman Loke Rahbek.


1. I Found Love 4:16
2. Breaking Silence 4:21
3. Another Day 3:03
4. Barcelona 3:25
5. End 1:37
6. Perfect View 7:50
7. Vibrant Brother 3:53
8. Kirsten 5:21
9. Image 2:04

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