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Originals 2008-2013 - Vinyl Box Set (FREE UK P&P)

Image of Various Artists - Originals 2008-2013 - Vinyl Box Set (FREE UK P&P)Image of Various Artists - Originals 2008-2013 - Vinyl Box Set (FREE UK P&P)
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Claremont 56

About this item

Having always done well with Claremont 56 releases, label boss Paul 'Mudd' Murphy's idea of a series of CD compilations from lesser known, perhaps more underground and unsung DJs seemed like an inspired idea here at Piccadilly Records. Especially as the whole shebang would kick off with a selection from the coveted record bags of local Balearic (bæliˈærɨk) reprobates Moonboots and Balearic Mike (he's so Balearic they named a Spanish archipelago after him...).

Since that 2008 opener Paul has hit us with comps from Mark Seven, Sean P, Matthew Burgess & Jolyon Green, Felix Dickinson, Phil Mison, Rong Music, Lexx, Yozo and Alex From Tokyo. All the DJs involved have dug deep in their collections, bringing us a diverse range of music loosely covered by the catch-all Balearic umbrella; disco, boogie, bossa nova, psyh-rock, jazz-funk, new age, house, downbeat, cosmic, pop... All have become Piccadilly favourites, being played on the shop CD player for the few weeks we still have copies (each release has sold out faster than the proverbial hot cake), and having us nerdy spotters checking Discogs for originals of the tracks, only to decide, after clocking the prices, that a CD compilation will do just fine thank-you very much.

Now we get the 'Originals 2008-2013 - Vinyl Box Set', which features two of the best tracks from each CD release - 20 in all (yep, even I can do the math), quelling the need to empty our Paypal accounts chasing vintage 12"s. Needless to say Claremont 56 have gone to town on the packaging of this box set, with five colour-coded gatefold sleeves housing each 12" (featuring new writing from each participating 'Originals' selector), and the whole lot in an embossed outer heavyweight BLACK cardboard slipcase. Mmm, nice.

We've already sold over 100 copies of this box set (which is all gone at Claremont 56 already), so you'll need to get your skates on if you want one.


A1. Sth National - Yawn Yawn Yawn
A2. Flayer - Wanna Get Back Your Love
B1. Nicky Robson - Stars
B2. Blindboy - I Dream
C1. Idiater Edwards - Sweeter Mix
C2. Sons Of Wonder - Fire On Me
D1. Escape From New York - Fire In My Heart
D2. Gordon's War - Got To Fan The Flame
E1. Q - Rain
E2. Kolbe, Illenberger, Dauner - Fun Tango
F1. Maxx Mann - Bloody & Blue
F2. Howie B & Dobie - Cloud Spa
G1. Donna McGhee - You Should Have Told Me
G2. Verticle Lines - Beach Boy
H1. North South East West - Anxiety
H2. Mariah - Shinzo No Tobira
I1. Torbjorn Langborn & The Feel Life Orchestra - Feel Life Part 1.2.3
I2. Camaro's Gang - The Beast Day
J1. I:Cube - Procession
J2. Anthony Watson - I Can't Stop This Feeling

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