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Bunny Lee & Friends - Good News

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King Spinna

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This release is the companion volume to "Dub Will Change Your Mind". It consists of all the vocal versions of the tracks on "DWCYM" and is sequenced in exactly the same order. The album concentrates heavily on the 1975 ‘flying cymbal’ style of Carlton ‘Santa’ Davis, but there is also one track from 1974,  plus a handful from the years 1976 to 1978. This is a CD only release and comes with an eight-page booklet featuring a track commentary by Bob Harding.


1. Ronnie Davis - Good News
2. Johnny Clarke - UP Park Camp
3. Cornell Campbell - Gorgon A The Ginegog
4. Derrick Morgan - Teach My Daughter
5. Joy White - Idlers On The Street
6. Derrick Morgan - Rasta Dont Fear
7. Owen Gray - I Man Nahh Run
8. Cornell Campbell - Jah Forgive Me
9. Leroy Smark - We Want To Go Home
10. Derrick Morgan - Under Heavey Manners
11. Derrick Morgan - Pick Sense Out Of Nonsense
12. Derrick Morgan & Johnny Clarke - Behold
13. Ronnie Davis - Thats Life
14. Jackie Edwards - This Is Another Another Festival
15. Cornell Campbell - Have You Changed Your Mind
16. John Holt - In The Springtime
17. Cornell Campbell - My One & Only Lover 

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