Flaming Lips

Zaireeka - Ltd 4LP Coloured Vinyl Box Set

Image of Flaming Lips - Zaireeka - Ltd 4LP Coloured Vinyl Box Set
Record Label
Warner Bros

About this item

Fans and critics agree that this is one of the most important and invigorating experimental albums in contemporary pop music. Four discs, designed to be played on cue and simultaneously, producing nothing short of a live performance effect. Remastered by the band especially for this release in celebration of this record and Record Store Day 2013 - with unique art and packaging exclusive to this release.

Each disc is also pressed on different and unique coloured vinyl.

Limited in the UK to 400 copies only.


1 Okay I'll Admit That I Really Don't Understand
2 Riding To Work In The Year 2025 (Your Invisible Now) [sic]
3 Thirty-Five Thousand Feet Of Despair
4 A Machine In India
5 The Train Runs Over The Camel But Is Derailed By The Gnat
6 How Will We Know? (Futuristic Crashendos)
7 March Of The Rotten Vegetables
8 The Big Ol' Bug Is The New Baby Now

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