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John Parish is an accomplished composer, solo artist, and producer. Parish has worked with PJ Harvey since the 80s (when she was backing singer and guitarist in his cult band Automatic Dlamini), producing and performing on many albums with her, including the 2011 Mercury Prize-winning ‘Let England Shake’.

Parish has also worked with Eels (he co-wrote and performed on Eels’ 2001 album ‘Souljacker’), Sparklehorse, 16 Horsepower, Tracy Chapman, Adrian Utley, Rokia Traore, Jenny Hval, and Howe Gelb / Giant Sand.

‘Screenplay’ compiles music created for the films ‘Little Black Spiders’ (2012, Patrice Toye, Belgium), ‘Sister’ (2012, Ursula Meier, Switzerland), ‘Nowhere Man’ (2008, Patrice Toye, Belgium), ‘Plein Sud’ (2009, Sébastien Lifshitz, France).


The Girls Rehearse
Katja Gives Birth
The Minotaur (Pt. 2)
Katja’s Death
LBS / End Titles
L’Enfant D’en Haut
Dernière Montée
Girl Wurli
Les Billets
The Island
Sara And Tomas
The Spring Ritual
Longfellow Forlorn
Plein Sud
A Glass Of Wine
The Minotaur (Pt 1) *
Ydiducall *
Kiss *
The Farmer’s Wife (Pt 1) *
Katja (Piano) *
It’s Over, Gus *
Mercedes *
Baby’s Coming *

* Vinyl Only Tracks.

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