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LSXX - Last Splash: 20th Anniversary Edition

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‘LSXX’ is available as a deluxe three CD package. Many of the recordings included in the set have never been released before, or are rare / fanclub only gems.

Cover and individual sleeve artwork has been created by renowned British graphic designer Vaughan Oliver, who described it as “an irreverent conceptual and visual reimagining” of his original ‘Last Splash’ artwork.

The release coincides with the Breeders’ ‘LSXX World Tour’, which marks the first time Kim Deal, Kelley Deal, Josephine Wiggs and Jim Macpherson have performed together since 1994.


CD1 - Last Splash
New Year
Invisible Man
No Aloha
Do You Love Me Now?
I Just Wanna Get Along
Mad Lucas
Divine Hammer
Drivin' On 9
Roi (Reprise)

CD2 - Singles, B-sides & Demos
Do You Love Me Now?
Don’t Call Home
So Sad About Us
Lord Of The Thighs
Divine Hammer (Single Version)
I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)
Do You Love Me Now Jr?
Head To Toe
Shocker In Gloomtown
Freed Pig
New Year- Last Splash (Nov 92 Demos)
Grunggae - Last Splash (Nov 92 Demos)
Invisible Man - From 13 Year Itch Compilation
No Aloha - Last Splash (Nov 92 Demos)
I Just Wanna Get Along - Last Splash (Nov 92 Demos)
Mad Lucas - Last Splash (Nov 92 Demos)
SOS - Last Splash (Nov 92 Demos)
Saints - Last Splash (Nov 92 Demos)
900 - Last Splash (Nov 92 Demos)
Iris - From No Alternative

CD3 - Live In Stockholm & BBC Sessions
Shocker In Gloomtown - Live In Stockholm
New Year - Live In Stockholm
Hellbound - Live In Stockholm
Saints - Live In Stockholm
Hag - Live In Stockholm
I Just Wanna Get Along - Live In Stockholm
S.O.S. - Live In Stockholm
Roi - Live In Stockholm
Head To Toe - Live In Stockholm
Happiness Is A Warm Gun - Live In Stockholm
Cannonball - Live In Stockholm
Invisible Man - Live In Stockholm
Doe - Live In Stockholm
Drivin’ On 9 - Live In Stockholm
Don’t Call Home - Live In Stockholm
Limehouse - Live In Stockholm
No Aloha - BBC Session
Flipside - BBC Session
Divine Hammer - BBC Session
Hag - BBC Session

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