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Paris 1 Dub / Live At The Warehouse Project 2008

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Paranoid London

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Paranoid London deliver three floor burning tracks of deep and cavernous house on their own imprint. Up first "Paris Dub 1" utilizes the classic Chicagan combo of the 808 and 303 (with a smattering of skitterish 707 hi-hats) to deliver a complete warehouse shaker. The bassline growls away with tapey distortion while Paris Brightledge's haunting vocal screams out of the tweeters and sticks you slap bang in the middle of a darkened dancefloor. On the flip, Paranoid London provide an instrumental mix of "Paris Dub 1" which fills the vocal void with squelching 303 lines, and ramps up all the dials to 11 - devastating. Finally, "Live at the Warehouse Project 2008", is a dial riding improvised acid track taken from their live performance at, you guessed it, the Warehouse Project. The sound established on the A-side is taken to deeper, tracky territories and the twisted 303 lines are brought right to the fore. Dark and driving acid which sounds as good as anything else out there, tracks this powerful don't come along that often. Recommended.


Matt says: Out of press for nearly ten years. Features their much-talked about live @ Warehouse Project performance. Sounding as crunchy and crispy as ever!


A1. Paris Dub
A2. Instrumental
B1. Live @ The Warehouse Project 2008

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