Primal Scream

2013 - Inc. Andrew Weatherall Remix

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1st International (^^^)

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Primal Scream give us the first taster for upcoming album 'More Light' (due in mid-May). '2013' sees the band back at their angry best, with politics at the forefront of the lyrics and a fierce barrage of feedback-laden psychedelic indie-rock for the nine minute-long backing track. Co-produced by David Holmes, who was also behind the band's 2000's sonic blitzkrieg 'XTRMNTR'. There's also some skyscraping guitar work from MBV's Kevin Shields during the chorus adding to the intense layered feel of the track.

Andrew Weatherall strips the track back and turns in a couple of chugging electro-dance remixes, pinning feedback, treated vocals, those guitars and other elements of the original to a motorik chug. Includes vocal and dub versions for your dancefloor.


Andy says: Epic, state-of-the-nation adress that takes its heady cues from late 70s Hawkwind / Hawklords. Hard-hitting but dead catchy: it's a monster!

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