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Monkey Minds In The Devil's Time

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Double Six / Domino

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After the critically lauded ‘Boys Outside’, ex-Beta Band mainman Steve Mason delivers his magnum opus ‘Monkey Minds In The Devil’s Time’.

‘Monkey Minds In The Devil’s Time’ is an album saturated with politics. With a title referring to the Buddhist term for an easily distracted brain, the album features 20 songs - 9 recorded in London with producer Dan Carey and 11 short linking pieces self-produced in Mason’s Fife studio.

All songs on the album were written by Mason, while Dan Carey appears on bass throughout the record, and acclaimed London MC Mystro provides vocals on ‘More Money, More Fire’.


Andy says: Steve Mason is back! This record has massive songs, interspersed with strange, moody interludes that make it feel like a funky, heady, exotic concept album. Looser, more musically playful than his last LP, but with thoughtful, serious lyrics, ‘Monkey Minds In The Devil's Time’ has a sort of post-punk sensibility moving through reggae and hip-hop, via baggy, and right up to now. Frustrated at the lack of a dissenting voice in popular music, the Monk-Meister has come up with a record that's part righteous, disaffected, howl in the dark, and part autobiographical contemplation. Unlike ‘Boys Outside’, which felt like a soothing balm for his melancholy / depression, here Steve's anger is an energy that's helped him create his greatest ever music. And yes, that includes the Beta Band. Funnily enough, the atmospheric linking pieces - which weave between the proper tracks - taking in, as they do; macabre snatches of Macbeth, Dante's Inferno, a street-busked jig and F1 racing commentary, feel arty and experimental, just like the Beta Band, but now all grown up and servicing a proper message i.e. we're in real danger of amusing ourselves to death, unable to see the flames all around us. This never sounds pompous or preachy though, especially since Steve still includes all those raw, sad songs about his own life. He's just trying to tell the truth, tell it like he sees it, but with love, empathy, and OK, a smidgen of hate! With tunes as mega and groovy as this, we can all have a jolly good time while the ship goes slowly down. Absolutely massive.


1. The Old Problem
2. Lie Awake
3. Flyover ‘98
4. A Lot Of Love
5. The Last Of Heroes
6. Lonely
7. Safe Population
8. Friends For Ever More
9. Seen It All Before
10. From Hate We Hope
11. Oh My Lord
12. Goodbye Youth
13. Never Be Alone
14. Behind The Curtains
14. More Money, More Fire
16. Fire!
17. Operation Mason
18. Fight Them Back
19. Towers Of Power
20. Come To Me

1. Seen It All Before (Greg Wilson Remix)
2. Come To Me (Greg Wilson Remix)

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