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Can't You See Me Smilin'

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The McElroy Bros.' Can't You See Me Smilin' LP is a private-press pop masterpiece recorded in 1977 in rural Vermont by identical twin brothers, Brian and Bruce McElroy. Using familiar 60's British-invasion song structures, the album is somehow instantly familiar while the recording and instrumentation are both totally unique -- perhaps, it's the unrivaled keyboard playing... or the harmonizing vocals that only twins could deliver. Whatever it is, this album is extremely sought after by pop and powerpop fans alike and has managed to eluded many others for too long now! (Repressed in an edition of 500 copies only, LP includes 18x24 poster!!)

Bio / History: The year was 1975 and we started The McElroy Bros. Band. We found a treasure trove of fans when we played towns and cities in the Green Mountain state of Vermont such as Middlebury, Montpelier, Burlington, Bristol and St. Albans. All along we were writing our original material and sharing our creations with these very loyal fans. By 1977, just two years later, by popular demand from our fans we decided to cut our LP. Enter Mr. James Starbuck from Paja's Studio across Lake Champlain in Westport, NY. He was an avid fan of ours as well and caught our act many times in Burlington at such clubs as Nectors, The Silver Keg, and The Sting. We approached him that Fall of '77 and set a date in September. Taking our van and equipment across Lake Champlain on the ferry we arrived at Westport, NY. We got busy the very next day and recorded all the rhythm tracks of all the songs which consisted of the Hammond organ, bass pedals, and the drums. Now this studio is a barn – not just any old barn! It was posh and done up so you couldn't believe you were in a barn. It had multi-levels with a grand piano, a drum booth and a gallery area on the third level where Starbuck had his two 8-track reel to reels for his recording station. The following 4 days were for layering tracks such as acoustic guitar, extra drums and the electric Wurlitzer piano, Poly Korg for clavinet and such heavy lead sounds, the Elka for orchestral strings and our mini Korg/Univox for anthem sustained leads to penny whistle sounds. Last day being the 6th day we sang all the songs using one condenser mike as we stood opposite one another. Many memorable times within those 6 days at Paja's Studios: to mention just one, the last day, consuming plenty of effervescing beer and funny ciggies as we sang our songs to the creation of The McElroy Bros. Can't You See Me Smilin' project. Today we sing these songs today as The Fab2 along with a catalogue of many other original songs. Enjoy and thank you! -Brian and Bruce

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