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Produced by Ben Allen (Bombay Bicycle Club, Animal Collective) and Tim Goldsworthy (Massive Attack, LCD Soundsystem) ‘Collections’ fuses elements of electronica, hip hop and house to create a distinctive and unique soundscape.

Formed in 2009, the three piece from Manchester (Richard Boardman, Matt Cocksedge, and James Cook) garnered widespread critical acclaim and a loyal live following in the wake of the release of debut album Acolyte which featured tracks "Doubt" and "Halcyon"

Recording for ‘Collections’ took the band to two very disparate locations, beginning work with Tim Goldsworthy at his Unit 3 studio space in Bristol where Massive Attack recorded their seminal albums Blue Lines and Protection, and then onto Ben Allen’s converted shipping container in the cabbagetown district of Atlanta, Georgia, the resulting work mirrors these differing environments and is unquestionably a quantum leap forward from their debut.

‘We’d been touring for two years,’ says Rick Boardman. “We were just creatively burnt out’. Taking their time and being meticulous about the process of writing and recording was key for Delphic, James Cook adds ‘we amassed a lengthy file of ideas, but due to our love of technology’– they are confirmed ‘studioheads’ – 'we couldn't complete them until we returned home to our studio.'

However the wait was more than worth it, new tracks Memeo, and forthcoming single Baiya perfectly representing the delicate balance of euphoria and despair, against a musical backdrop that owes as much to the very best of modern day pop to the more underground hip hop and electronica elements the band take inspiration from.

The new sound has instilled a bullish commitment from the three piece to challenge the current status quo of throwaway pop music, Rick Boardman sums it up best by surmising ‘We get very angry about the state of popular music and we want to bloody change it. And why shouldn’t we?’


1. Of The Young
2. Baiya
3. Changes
4. Freedom Found
5. Atlas
6. Tears Before Bedtime
7. The Sun Also Rises
8. Memeo
9. Don't Let The Dreamers Take You Away
10. Exotic

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