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The Next Day - Deluxe CD Edition

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ISO Records

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One of Britains most celebrated, much cherished, original and iconic figures, David Bowie returns after a 10 year absence, with this brilliant new album on RCA Records. From the assault of opener 'The Next Day' through the mournful balladry of 'Where Are We Now' and on to the ambience and grandiose gothic imagery of 'Heat', this is a hugely worthwhile collection to any music fan's library, and further evidence of Bowie's incomparable talents, and impact on today's musical landscape.  


1. The Next Day
2. Dirty Boys
3. The Stars (Are Out Tonight)
4. Love Is Lost
5. Where Are We Now?
6. Valentine’s Day
7. If You Can See Me
8. I’d Rather Be High
9. Boss Of Me
10. Dancing Out In Space
11. How Does The Grass Grow?
12. (You Will) Set The World On Fire
13. You Feel So Lonely You Could Die
14. Heat
Bonus Deluxe CD Tracks:
15. So She
16. I’ll Take You There
17. Plan

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