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The Danger Of Light - Deluxe Edition

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“Every time I start with new recordings I think long and hard about how I can translate the energy of the concerts into the studio,” says Sophie Hunger. Those who have experienced the live performances by Hunger and her band can well imagine that this is not an easy undertaking, but one that she has now completed impressively.

The international success of the albums "Monday's Ghost" (2008) and "1983" (2010), hundreds of concerts in Europe and North America as well as various awards have consolidated Hunger’s artistic self-confidence. When recording this album the Swiss artist deliberately left her home grounds and familiar territory to work with producer Adam Samuels and several musicians from the North American music scene. Samuel’s hand in the production of Warpaint, Daniel Lanois or John Frusciante and his basic philosophy of focusing on live recordings convinced her. After the first recording session with Hunger’s band in France, the American proposed a second session in Los Angeles with musicians like Josh Klinghoffer (guitar; Red Hot Chilli Peppers, PJ Harvey), Nathaniel Walcott (piano, trumpet; Bright Eyes) and Stephen Nistor (drums; Daniel Lanois, Dangers Mouse).

"Adam was trying to provoke me, and that worked,” Hunger notes with approval. Back in Switzerland the tracks from the West Coast were completed with the Hunger band. In particular Michael Flury’s unique trombone, oscillating between jazz, rock and blues, shines like never before. But there was more. Hunger booked a third studio session, this time in Montréal. In the "Hotel2Tango” studio Hunger recorded a number of old and new songs with Howard Bilerman (Ex-Arcade Fire). Also involved were singer/songwriter Mark Berubé on piano, the cellist Kristina Koropecki as well as Brad Barr (guitar; The Barr Brothers) and David Payant (Drums; Thee Silver Mt. Zion). This Montréal session is included in the Deluxe Edition of Danger of Light.

“A heart that beats must repeat itself.” In her lyrics the imaginative writer is striving for increasing clarity, irrespective of whether she tells imagined stories or takes on the way the world is run. "I take what buzzes around in my head, often just an image or a word, which I then allow to grow like a mushroom." So Rererevolution pictures someone who wishes for a revolution so much that he imagines one. The Swiss -German song Z'Lied vor Freiheitsstatue explores what the statue, as a monument by definition the antithesis of being free, would sing. In Perpetrator and Souldier Hunger places herself in extreme fictional worlds, speaking from the view point of a person running amok or from that of a soldier who she actually met after a concert in London. Holy Hells playfully toys with the idea of declaring a secret holy, only to find afterwards that one is left hanging in mid-air. LikeLikeLike captures the euphoria of folly, the ballad Take A Turn is a plea to pick oneself up again.

'Das Neue' on the other hand focuses on the topic of constant change, but the chorus presents an ironic inversion: if everything changes all the time then I can’t remain how and what I am. The will to move on, to change, remains a subliminal leitmotiv of Sophie Hunger’s new album.


Disc 1
1. Rererevolution
2. Souldier
3. LikeLikeLike
4. Das Neue
5. Can You See Me?
6. Heharun
7. Z'Lied Vor Freiheitsstatue
8. Holy Hells
9. The Fallen
10. Perpetrator
11. Take A Turn

Disc 2
(Montreal Sessions)
1. First We Leave Manhattan
2. What It Is
3. My Oh My II
4. The Musician
5. One Too Many Mornings
6. Ne Me Quitte Pas

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