Tornado Wallace

Thinking Allowed EP

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ESP Institute

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If we listen to the Higher Self, our experience of life is joyful and abundant. When you see yourself connected to something bigger than yourself, you no longer feel must do it all alone. Your sense of power becomes highly magnified and your fears are greatly diminished. With the Universal Energy on your side, you can learn to trust not only yourself, but the Universe as well. There is nothing to fear. You are tapping into your source of power. When people speak of being "on a path" or that "life is a journey," they're referring to the constant vigil required to listen to the lessons of the Higher Self. The path that needs changing is the one that's in your mind. It is your mind that has to be changed first, then all that's right will follow. As you begin to awaken, reach out and turn on your tape machine, lie with your eyes closed and let the soothing, loving message sink in, "I am creating a beautiful day." Yeah, whatever: It's Tornado Wallace on ESP Institute with some house and Balearic tunes.


A1. Bit One
A2. Cloud Country
B1. Thinking Allowed

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