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Taxi Driver OST

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‘You talkin’ to ME?!?’: undeniably one of the most famous quotes from movie history from one of its most memorable characters. Travis Bickle, the frustrated Vietnam veteran in Taxi Driver; the lonely nut obsessed with sex and violence who takes a job as a cabbie to battle his insomnia. Robert De Niro’s legendary performance ensured that this Scorcese classic ended up on many a ‘best movie of all time’ lists. It was also Bernard Herrmann’s last ever soundtrack. Hitchcock’s favourite composer died just a few hours after completing the score. Like no other he composed a dark and threatening atmosphere that drags you into Bickle’s twisted mind. There are only a handful of soundtracks that work on vinyl.


Sil says: Bernard Hermann's contribution to this cult classic is of gigantic proportions. From the opening scene he submerges us in the dark, unstoppable descent into Travis' own personal hell. From the perfect combination of beautiful melodies (that beautiful harp!) encopassing calmness, suspense and mystery, through the superb sax solos played by Tom Scott (who also plays on Vangelis' Blade Runner) and the bass clarinets, each arrangement delves us into the narrative of this classic succinctly and effectively. An irrefutable must-have.


Side A
1. Theme From Taxi Driver 4:06
2. I Work The Whole City 2:24
3. Betsy In A White Dress 2:13
4. The Days Do Not End 4:05
5. Reprise: Theme From Taxi Driver 2:24

Side B
1. Diary Of A Taxi Driver (Voice – Robert De Niro) 4:28
2. Theme From Taxi Driver 3:35
3. The .44 Magnum Is A Monster 3:11
4. Sport And Iris 2:17
5. God's Lonely Man (End Title) 1:52

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