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Filmed by a professional camera crew at 1988’s Berlin Independent Days festival, Live In Berlin, 1988 captures the Seattle grunge pioneers’ first ever performance on foreign soil. Playing as representatives of Sub Pop Records to a crowd of curious punters, critics and members of Europe’s independent music community, the show was also the first Grunge gig in Europe, laying essential groundwork for Grunge’s subsequent global domination.

A testament to the enduring vitality of the independent music scene, the release celebrates the 27th anniversary of !K7, a Berlin-based independent label and distributor with offices in New York and London, and an internationally renowned purveyor of electronic music in particular. In its early days, !K7 also served as a video production company run by label-owner Horst Weidenmüller, whose crew filmed a number of performances from that year’s Berlin Independent Days festival. Weidenmüller recently rediscovered the Mudhoney footage, realising that he held in his hands a crucial rock’n’roll document that had to be shared with the world.

Besides its historical importance, Mudhoney: Live In Berlin, 1988 presents one of the greatest rock’n’roll groups of all time at their very best, a glorious mess of flailed hair, acidic caterwaul, gnarly riffage and fried guitar skronk as Mudhoney tear through material from their epochal (but then-unreleased) Superfuzz Bigmuff EP and eponymous debut album. The show’s wild, thrilling, and funny-as-fuck, much like Mudhoney themselves. You’ll wish you’d been there – now, thanks to this Mudhoney:Live In Berlin, 1988, you almost can be.

Bonus DVD content, including exclusive interview with Mudhoney’s Mark Arm by journalist Stevie Chick

Liner notes written by Stevie Chick


01. No One Has
02. Sweet Young Thing Ain’t Sweet No More
03. Need
04. Chain That Door
05. If I Think
06 Mudride
07. Here Comes Sickness
08. Touch Me I’m Sick
09. In ‘N’ Out Of Grace

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