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'The Life And Times Of… The Hot 8 Brass Band’ announces the emphatic return of New Orleans’ premier purveyors of roof raising, jazz infused, funk and hip hop fuelled marching band music, straight from the heart and fresh from the second line parades. This is Hot 8 Brass Band’s first new material since their acclaimed debut put them on the global stage.

Hot 8 Brass Band boast a rare depth of vocal talent to illuminate their tales, and ‘The Life And Times Of…’ finds them exploring this further; switching from commanding, funky lead vocals, to rapped verses laid down with passion and skill, to melodic hooks and harmonies - that range from emotive, gravelly baritones through instinctively whooped falsettos - with abandon.
‘The Life And Times Of…’ is itself the first part of a two album project; showcasing the party side of the band, it is packed with joyful grooves to get feet moving. The next instalment - to follow in Spring 2013 accompanied by live dates in the UK and Europe - will be more reflective, an emotional tribute to fallen band members and the funeral parades which centre on this music.

Includes current single, a cover version of the Specials' "Ghost Town".


1. Steamin’ Blues
2. Fine Tuner
3. Bingo Bango
4. New Orleans (After The City)
5. Can’t Hide From The Truth
6. Ghost Town
7. Let Me Do My Thing
8. Skit
9. War Time

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