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Filip Nikolic and Jeffrey Paradise are good friends who are inspired by California, mezcal, dancing, good food, and friends. Filip is a Danish producer now living in LA who plays bass in Ima Robot; Jeffrey throws the infamous Blow Up party in San Francisco and used to be in the hardwave band the Calculators with Luke and Vito from the Rapture.

Following their debut single “Do You Believe?”, which became a massive summer Balearic-house hit in 2011, the pair finally deliver a long player. Imbued with a late 70s / early 80s yacht rock / soft pop sensibility, the album kicks off with dreamy acoustic guitar instro "Tulsa", setting the mood perfectly for the laid back cuts to follow. With its 2-step rhythm, simple piano lines and Nikolic's yearning vocals, "Next To You" could come out of the Michael McDonald songbook, the wriggling acid lines bringing the track into 2012. Sluggish slo-mo indie-disco track "Why You Wanna" could easily be from the DFA archive, while "Slow Down" will be sure to keep the sub-100bpm crew happy. The rest of the album shifts between these different tempos and moods, from 80s-style disco-not-disco indie-funk, via Hall & Oates-style pop to mellow acoustic Balearica, and is sure to keep you warm over the winter months.


1. Tulsa
2. Next To You
3. Why You Wanna
4. Harvest Moon
5. Slow Down
6. Take Me There
7. Kiss You Forever
8. Do You Believe
9. Give It A Rest
10. Can’t Get You Off My Mind
11. Just Fall In Love
12. California Sunset
13. Golden Hour
14. Between Dreams
15. Without You
16. Take Me Home

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