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‘Solos’ is a six album box set from The Fiery Furnaces’ own Matthew Friedberger.

Each album focuses on a different instrument: ‘Napoléonette’ - piano; ‘Old Regimes’ - harp; ‘Cut It Out’ - drums; ‘Arrested On Charges Of Unemployment’ - bass; ‘Meet Me In Miramas’ - guitar; ‘Death-In-Life’ - organ.

Each LP is a full length album packaged in a full colour LP jacket. All six LPs are housed in a heavy duty box with removable lid and hand-pasted cover artwork. These albums were released individually in limited supply in 2011.

The albums were mostly recorded in France and are all mastered by Joe Lambert at JLM Sound in New York.

Friedberger has released eight albums with The Fiery Furnaces, the band he runs with his sister Eleanor. ‘Solos’ is designed to illustrate the following Cretan-Lacedaemonian principle: Every group of instruments against every other group of instruments; every instrument against every other instrument; and especially, every instrument against itself, all alone.

The ‘Solos’ series has been reviewed extensively by Altered Zones, Entertainment Weekly, Spin Magazine, Pitchfork, Stereogum, AV Club and The Village Voice, amongst many others.

“Friedberger throws himself at it with such joyous abandon that one would think he’d been kept from it months against his will” - Under The Radar


Hey Chief
What A Weird Weird Weird Weird
St. Giles Parish
Courteous And Orderly
I’ll Ride Right Up On My Mule
I Had An Old-Fashioned
Oh The Hell Of It
North To...

‘Old Regimes’

The Hidden Location Of My Purple Pen
Quality Evictions Since 1986
She’s Relieved, Actually
The Xlebnikov Branding And Wayfinding Agency

‘Cut It Out’

I’m So Happy I Could Scream, She Whispered
Finding Love In A Highly Confidential, Custom-
Tailored And Focused Manner
The So-Called Commission To Promote Vice And
Combat Virtue
Actress Or Prostitute, Or Actress / Prostitute, Blues
Call, Click Or Come
Cut It Out
The Comforts Of The Coffin

‘Arrested On Charges Of Unemployment’
Five (Continued)

‘Meet Me In Miramas’
The Sainte-Barbe Triangle
Meet Me In Miramas
But Seriously, Why Did You Do It?
The Diabolical Principle
Different Dads
I Met The Queen Of The Night In The Daytime
The City Of The Sun

A Sensational Caprice
Katie Did And Katie Didn’t
Dark And Day
Anniversary Quick Step
Katie Did And Katie Didn’t
Away Down West
In The Days
My Best Treasure

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