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Accidental Records brings us a new album by Wishmountain, the original moniker of producer and DJ Matthew Herbert, 16 years after the release of the seminal techno track, 'Radio' and subsequent album 'Wishmountain Is Dead'. Championed by DJs such as Sven Vath and Westbam as well as being a club classic for legendary clubs like Fuse in Belgium, 'Radio' blasted its way in to nightclubs around the world despite being made only from 8 sounds of a beaten up plastic radio. In many ways it made Matthew's name, as someone ready to bring real and challenging sounds to the largely synthetic soundscape of club music while being unafraid to make people dance at the same time.

Despite killing off the pseudonym many years ago, Matthew decided to dust off the moniker and write a collection of new songs using the old principles. 'TESCO' is an album made exclusively from sounds recorded from the ten best-selling items in a TESCO supermarket*, and features tracks including 'Lucozade', 'Fruit Shoot', 'Andrex' and 'Dairy Milk'.

The guiding creative principle of the Wishmountain project - that each track is made exclusively from eight sounds recorded from a single object - originally stemmed from the technical limitations of Herbert's recording equipment. Using an eight-output Casio FZ1 sampler, Herbert challenged himself to build tracks using sounds from ordinary items found in the home. His debut duly featured the likes of a 'Pepperpot', 'Cheesegrater', 'Crisps' and 'Radio' on a release which is still hailed as a minimal Techno classic.

Matthew Herbert said: "After all the questioning, controversy, head scratching, mud, straw and blood of the 'ONE PIG' record, I felt like making some old-fashioned dance music. I ended up making this record in 4 days, a spontaneous crunch around the modern supermarket - a place of fantasy, trickery, wonder and horror”


1. Lucozade
2. Nescafe
3. Kingsmill Hovis And Warburton
4. Fruit Shoot
5. Dairy Milk
6. Walkers
7. Andrex
8. Coke

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