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Hip hop pioneer El-P returns with ‘Cancer4Cure’, his first full solo album in five years.

The album features Interpol’s Paul Banks, Outkast associate and Atlanta native Killer Mike, Nick Diamond of Canadian indie band Islands, and eccentric rappers Mr Muthaf*ckin’ eXquire and Danny Brown.

Musically, the record takes another leap forward from El-P’s 2010 instrumental workout ‘Weareallgoingtoburninhellmeggamixxx3’, deploying menacing synths, fist-pumping beats, bottomless bass, live instrumentation and earworming melody, and generally setting the standard for hip hop production higher than ever.


1. Request Denied
2. The Full Retard
3. Works Every Time (w/ Paul Banks Of Interpol)
4. Drones Over Brooklyn
5. Oh Hail No (with Mr. Muthafuckin EXquire And Danny Brown)
6. Tougher Colder (w. Killer Mike And Despot)
7. True Story
8. The Jig Is Up
9. Sign Here
10. For My Upstairs Neighbor
11. Stay Down (With Nick Diamonds Of Islands)
12. $ Vic/FTL (You And Me)

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