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Almost a year on from his much-hyped "Street Halo" EP, Burial is back with another slab of wax that's had the blogosphere going into overdrive. Featuring three new tracks pressed on high grade 180g vinyl for optimum sound reproduction, and running beyond 30 minutes, the ‘Kindred EP’ is an ambitious work that pushes further into the unique musical territory Burial occupies.

Title track "Kindred" traces its lineage back through Burial's own "Untrue" LP to early, minimal 2-step vibes. More meths than Cristal, Burial's take on the skipping, 90s UKG sound involves layers of interference, angelic soulful vocals, grinding bass and blissful synth washes. "Loner" goes for a 4/4 funky house groove, but with all sounds submerged into a dense fog. Lastly, "Ashtray Wasp" goes for the bassline sound - although I doubt you'll be hearing this on a Niche Pack (Google it) anytime soon. With a triple 'A' rating for atmosphere, all three tracks are a must for Burial fans.


A. Kindred
B1. Loner
B2. Ashtray Wasp

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