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Sound Sampler Vol. 1

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Sound Sampler

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Hot hot HOT new disco-tech cut-up business from everyone's favourite sound manipulator, Soundhack / Soundstream aka Frank Timm . Also backed by another of his (presumed) alter ego's, TSOS. Soundstream kicks things off with "Just Around" - a grooving, sunshine disco cut but chopped'n'skewed in his ever-so distinctive style and overlayed with a big jacking drum beat. Soundhack is up next, always more aggressive and fierce with his chops, "Vintage" is one of those classic stop / start Sound Hack moments which doesn't really make much sense to your parents (or your none drug-taking older brother either for that matter) but will completely devastate sound systems with its crazy relentleless sound snippets mangled into a tough 4/4 beat. TSOS's "Over And Over" is next and uses a classic piece of Chicago house riffage and plays with the various layers throughout the track. Cutting the drums, adding smashing percussion elements and generally making the track sizzle and burn like a well rolled joint. Recently featured on Prosumer's Parorama Bar Vol. 3 mix CD. Very nice indeed. For utilitirian DJs out in the field, TSOS also provides us with "Over Beats" - just the drum track from "Over And Over" to use how you see fit.


Matt says: Back in stock and sounding feistier than a caged hyena; Sound Sampler Vol. 1 is almost folkloric for dancefloor veterans. Repressed at hi-def for the next gen of nocturnal warriors to joist with! Imperative!


Soundstream - Just Around
Soundhack - Vintage

TSOS - Over And Over
TSOS - Over Beats

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