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Fela Kuti Vs De La Soul

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Gummy Soul's Amerigo Gazway mixes tracks from Afro-beat legend Fela Kuti with acapellas from hip hop pioneers De La Soul to killer effect. A 33 minute long journey into the world of Afro-beat rhythms, funky horn riffs, and classic hip-hop gems. Eight tracks in total, including mash-ups of "Stakes Is High", "Trouble In The Water", "Itsoweezee" and Gorillaz track "Feel Good Inc".

Gazway says; 'I came up with the concept for this project in fall of 2010. I wanted to follow through with it not only because it was a great mash-up title and good idea, but because of the powerful impact both these artists have had on me and my music. Afro-beat, jazz, funk, and hip-hop are already so interconnected, and I always thought it would be exciting to work on a project that combined all of these elements together.'


Matt says: Don't sleep on this much needed repress of this Amerigo Gazaway classic. Exactly the same formula as his other imperative works only with Fela Kuti & De La Soul as the source material! There's even a Gorillaz track mashed up for good measure!


Stakes Is High (5:44)
Trouble In The Water (4:43)
Oooh (feat Redman) (4:02)
Rock Co. Kane Flow (feat Mf Doom) (2:23)
Itsoweezee (3:54)
Interlude (0:24)
Much More (3:46)
Breakadawn (3:36)
Feel Good Inc. (feat Gorillaz) (4:11)
Still Ego Trippin' (bonus Track) (5:10)

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