Seahawks & Autre Ne Veut

Don's Rainbow

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Ocean Moon

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The nation's favourite nautical adventurers are back! "Don’s Rainbow" marks a quantum leap for Seahawks, the first release on new label Ocean Moon and the first recording from the "Invisible Sunrise" sessions. "Invisible Sunrise" is the forthcoming album from Seahawks and the first to be recorded with live musicians rather than a hard drive full of dusty old samples. The results are stunningly original, not least on this track with NYC head Autre Ne Veut (who has previously caused storms on Old English Spelling Bee and guested on Ford & Lopatin's album). "Don’s Rainbow" sounds like Michael McDonald’s "Sweet Freedom" crossed with "Nite Flight"-era Walker Brothers. A fantastic piece of hazy boogie with Jan Hammer pulse wave synths, heavy 8-bit Linn drums and fuzz drenched spirals of soprano sax and guitar colliding with the sound of soul from outer space. And we've not even mentioned the vocal - a sleazy, sex-drenched white-boy croon really going for it, but effortlessly slack. Imagine George Clinton if he were from Cornwall. On the flip the dub takes the track into a world of shadows, where smeared washes of sound swim in an ocean of decay. It’s easy to say when releasing something new that - 'they've really excelled this time' or, 'better than everything that came before it!'. But this really is a new chapter in the Seahawks' anthology, and I personally cannot wait for the album after hearing this. Slip these seven inches of pleasure into your loved one’s stocking this Christmas and they're sure to thank you.


A. Don's Rainbow
B. Don's Rainbow (Dub)

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