Fela Kuti

Monkey Banana / Excuse O

Image of Fela Kuti - Monkey Banana / Excuse O
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Knitting Factory

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Nigeria's Fela Anikulapo-Kuti was an African superstar and one of the first artists from that continent to achieve genuine success abroad. Crucial to the development of his style and ultimate title as the 'King of Afrobeat' was his 1969 tour of America. During his stay he was introduced to the philosophy of the Black Panthers and figures like Malcolm X and Eldridge Cleaver. It had an immense impact on his own politics and future lyrics whilst the LA funk scene helped to redefine his music as he moved away from high-life into the sax riffs, electric piano, bass rhythms and longer instrumental sections that came to characterise his work. His decision to sing in pidgin English also enabled him to popularise his work among dance markets in Europe and the US. These two albums reissued on one CD are from 1975 - "Monkey Banana" is a satirical swipe at the Nigerian status quo as he castigates the education system and the sense of alienation of members of Nigerian society. It's vintage Fela.


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