Fungi Girls

Some Easy Magic

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Hozac Records

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As the hypnotically serene breeze of summer finally locks into place across the land, the sophomore LP from the three hyper-talented Cleburne, TX teenagers known as Fungi Girls, sprouts up from the earth like an other-worldly fern-like vessel emerging from the desert, ready to seduce the innocent and beguile the non-believers with its powerfully delicate and cavernous sound. Wise beyond their years, both in song construction, and in their depth of influences, Fungi Girls have been carving out a reverberating and resilient groove that sucks you into their hazy world of lacing crystalline guitar line over thunderous bass rhythms, all wrapped in their inimitable vocal style, which clearly drives this band into their own realm of psychedelic pop mastery.

Needless to say, these small-town kids are doing something incredible with the wealth of music lying effortlessly at their fingertips, and forging their own unique sound and certain tension has become second nature on this new LP, which embraces a simple formula that works perfectly to distill the nuances of yesterday's overlooked visionaries into the perpetual sound of today. Not many bands can muster this type of atmospheric allure in these modern times of flash-in-the-pan hype and redundant indie rock drivel, yet Fungi Girls have found their voice on 'Some Easy Magic'. What we get is a clearly refined, yet, major step forward from their noise-pop saturated debut 12" that got the fire burning outside of their local confines last year.

The subdued textures they create can be staggering, proving this LP has straddled both the maturity and the purity of early 80s DIY pop, aligning jaggedly with early 90s underground influences from the darker side of Slumberland catalog, all connecting into a tightly-bound collection of songs that kill the pain, and slow the drain.


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