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Dr. Alimantado first came to international attention in the 1970s with his singles "Best Dressed Chicken in Town" and "Born For a Purpose." This collection of rarities from the Jamaican toaster includes some of his earliest recordings, like 1969's "No Gwan So", originally released under the name Winston Cool (his real name is James Winston Thompson) and the Lee Perry-produced "Maccabee the Third". Toasts on various 1970s backing tracks (themselves versions of US chart hits like "Piece of My Heart", here retitled Chapter of My Heart", and "First Cut Is the Deepest", appearing here as the anti-street violence "One Trouble"), as well as some confident, eccentric late-'70s Lee Perry productions, make this set essential listening for fans of vintage Jamaican reggae.


No Gwan So
Maccabee The Third (Rastafari Verses Now)
Blessed Is That Land Africa
Chapter Of My Heart (Let Love Be Free)
Rasta Train (Step It Outa Babylon)
Mary Lou
Ride On Brother
Chu (Amaric In Schools)
One Trouble
Teach The Children
Reggae Music (Dis A)

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