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Hour Logic

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Hippos In Tanks

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A vital reissue of one of Laurel Halo's earlier works around the time of her off-again on-again 'King Felix' moniker, sees the Brooklyn producer reprising her (almost) actual name for the stunning 'Hour Logic'. We kick things off with 'Aquifer', filling a logical space between the snapping futuristic drums of today's urban electronica, and the jagged, sample-laiden glitch of the 90's.  

We follow things up with 'Constant Index', an early look at the gothic multi-layered vocal aesthetic we'd later come to expect from the Halo camp before closing off the A-side with the dusty shadow-rave of 'Head' 

Kicking off the B-Side in style, 'Speed Of Rain' feels like the mid-point seratonin onslaught we'd come to expect from any good DJ set, with delayed sine pulses and scattered percussion culminating into a constantly evolving and rhythmically fluid whole. The eponymous track builds up tension slowly before jetting into the stratosphere with a swooning wave of powerful split-tempo synth melodies, only to break down into a crackling micro-groove once again. It's a furious cascade of emotion, and one nicely rounded off with the calming ambient flow of 'Strength In Free Space'.


Barry says: Essential reissue, charting the rise of one of todays most enigmatic producers. Equal parts hypnotic ambience and loose, low-slung beats. Brilliantly evocative but stunningly direct. A must-have.


Constant Index
Speed Of Rain
Hour Logic
Strength In Free Space

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