KMFH Aka Kyle Hall

Xero / Down

Image of KMFH Aka Kyle Hall - Xero / Down
Record Label
Wild Oats

About this item

Kyle 'MF' Hall breaks his hiatus and brings us some hot new wax on his Wild Oats label. "Xero" is a Latin-infused drum workout with some clever little drops and breaks that'll work the floor into a frenzy. Liquid keys drip through the mix occasionally too, which will cut through the soundsystem beautifully. "Down" is a bumping, Detroit party track done in that high energy, rough style favoured by cats from the D. Kyle works the filters into overdrive while his swinging, unique percussion lines rattle on and on. A super-extended arrangement ensures an intense, red-hot ride. This ones sure to get em swinging from the rafters during peak time - drop around 2AM for maximum damage.


Matt says: Strong 'mutha f***ing' stuff indeed!


A. Down
B. Xero

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