Torn Sail

Birds - Inc. Tiago Remix

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Claremont 56

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Well this is a bit of a stunner. With the musicality of a track always of paramount importance on Claremont releases "Birds" really ups the ante. Torn Sail are a band fronted by Smith & Mudd’s vocalist Huw Costin. Hailing from Nottingham they deliver what can only be described as a slice of subtle West Coast (Balearic-friendly) soft-rock. Think Byrds, CSN, Wizards Of Kansas. Think Big Sur, large motorbike and sunshine.

A subtle acoustic intro gently sets the scene, ever-so husky vocals set the scene, 'We are all just birds,' and indeed we are, caught in an "Albatross"-like flight before a neat groove and bass bring up the speed. This is the kind of record you want to find on side two of that country rock album that you can’t quite throw out, it’s never there, but you try listening again in six months anyway, just in case.... Don’t bother, grab this twelve instead and take that LP to Oxfam. On the flip side Tiago has the mammoth job of remixing this beauty, amazingly he manages to not only do it justice, but to drag it from the West Coast to the heart of Cologne, injecting a motorik rhythm and serious manipulation of the parts to make this 10 minutes of kraut infected drive, the drop down to languid half speed at the end is a stroke of genius. The first part in a double 12” package with stunning artwork from Emily Bucknell. This is a keeper.


Patrick says: All the way back again after a long time out of press, one of the absolute gems in the Claremont 56 crown touches down. Torn Sail's "Birds" is stunning, yacht friendly Balearic with an AOR twist, remixed brilliantly by Tiago. #classic


A. Birds
B. Birds (Tiago Remix)

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