Jerry King

The Auctioneer

Image of Jerry King - The Auctioneer
Record Label
Third Man Records

About this item

Third Man Records is ecstatic to announce its latest additions to its spoken word/instructional Green Series. From the depths of Fletcher, North Carolina are the exciting auctioneering sounds of Jerry King. Whether it's farm equipment, real estate, vintage autos or homemade baked goods, Jerry has skills it takes not only to sell these disparate items, but does so with such a smooth delivery that his voice truly does resonate. Jerry truly is one of the world's greatest auctioneers. Jerry's Green Series single starts off with a fascinating 8-minute interview conducted by Jack White that probes deep into the history, cadence, rhythm and speed of Jerry's auctioneering.

The flipside is a very rare moment in the world of vinyl, and a special first for third man; side b of this record contains 2 separate grooves! Here we find auctioneer Jerry King walking us through two hypothetical auctions... depending on where the listener drops the needle they will be greeted by either an automobile auction or a tobacco/chocolate cake auction. We already know what somebody out there is saying, "I already have that record in my collection", but you sir, would be a liar.

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