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Since their inception in 1978 with the legendary "Damaged Goods" EP and debut album "Entertainment!", Gang Of Four, have been one of the most radical and radically important groups of the last thirty years.

Gang Of Four have triumphantly defined their place on the musical landscape, influencing a wide range of bands including R.E.M., Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sonic Youth, Bloc Party, The Rapture and Franz Ferdinand.

"Content" is their first new studio album in 16 years, and is the catalyst for a year long international marketing plan in 2011, driven primarily by massive press and online interest in the band, and supported by an aggressive live performance schedule and radio and TV exposure. ·


She Said ‘You Made A Thing Of Me’
You Don’t Have To Be Mad
Who Am I?
I Can’t Forget Your Lonely Face
You’ll Never Pay For The Farm
I Party All The Time
A Fruitfly In The Beehive
It Was Never Gonna Turn Out Too Good
Do As I Say
I Can See From Far Away
2nd Life

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