Chill Pill

Mobile Speakers - Blue

Image of Chill Pill - Mobile Speakers - Blue

About this item

With a big sound and rugged, compact case these Chill Pill mobile speakers are an essential part of your digital travelling kit. These mini speakers look and sound great attached to a laptop, PSP, MP3 player, iPod, iPhone or desktop computer (anything with a 3.5mm headphone port). The Chill Pill speaker system consists of a pocket-sized, self-contained capsule that transforms into two powered stereo speakers. Enclosed in a rugged matt silver case that protects the speakers, batteries and retractable cables, the Chill Pill pods magnetically click together for easy transportation. When stowed in travel mode, the speakers measure only 2" x 4". The two speakers are powered by a self-contained rechargeable lithium ion battery which has eight hours of playing time. The Chill Pill speakers will provide you with a seriously good sound and plenty of bass - unwind the tops for an even more resonant sound.

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