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The Laboratory Project - Taste Masters Vol 1

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The Laboratory Project

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'The Laboratory Project is a utopian vision designed to take our music to a global audience. We are interested in the way things sound and not look. the laboratory project is synonymous with unrivalled quality. We represent a growing stable of artists which transcend a number of styles, genres and flavours of music. The label is a far cry from the acts /institutions who rely on appearance as a smoke screen for inadequate music. We are working hard to gain a strong web presence for the label and create a community for all of our artists, their fans and music fans who are looking for something more than the inadequate music which is in the charts today. "Taste Masters" is the first compilation release from the Laboratory Project and features artists which reflect our ethos perfectly. None of the artists featured on the album have compromised their musical integrity in the pursuit of chart success, and every track featured has been chosen because we consider it to be a real song representing great ideas. This music will challenge the listener to a truly rewarding listening experience.' - The Laboratory Project.

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