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Exile On Mainstream Records

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"Per/son/alien" is the The Antikaroshi's way of telling stories by using only fragments or short lyrics. Having grown up in the East German Punk & Hardcore underground and raised by direct in-your-face lyrics, with subtleties not to stir up governmental attention, The Antikaroshi try to figure out where they stand now – over 20 years later. Approaching this culture and their music with the knowledge of these circumstances, The Antikaroshi admit that whatever is created will be just a trace - the bit within the byte. So the three-piece delivers an album full of struggles, inner conflict and uncompromising emotion. The sound is deeply rooted in post-rock back and the DC Punk/ Hardcore explosion in the 90s.


1. Retep
2. Bernays
3. Quandt
4. Eric
5. Josef
6. Jacek I Placek
7. Deitenbeck
8. Ruhleder
9. Achilles
10. Azazel

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