The Humms


Image of The Humms - Lemonland
Record Label
Odd Box Records

About this item

Following up from their super limited EP "Are You Dead?" (2009, Odd Box Records) which was voted #2 in the Sounds XP writers poll for 2009. The Humms return with their debut full length LP. Part-psychobilly, part-garage rock, even a hint of primeval Nashville, The Humms are an Athens, Georgia (US) trio who make loud music about murder, drugs, drunks, ghost, hippies, colours and of course…love. Their lysergic graveyard take on rock’n'roll is equally inspired by rockabilly, Big Star and Nuggets.

"Lemonland" gives you 18 songs that are inspired by the great and good from the past whilst managing to sound as fresh as anything released in 2010. This is timeless rock n roll music that will bring goosebumps out on all those that thrill at the beauty of rock n roll.

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