Get Up

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Red Sonja

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New label Red Sonja kicks off in strong form with a double release of two 12"s. The first features Pelacha's "Get Up" in original form and with a Heiko Laux version. "Get Up" is a dark, stripped back club track with sounds tailored towards a European dancefloor; highly rhythmical, electronically focused and minimal in its approach. Lacking any distinctive song-like structure (there are very few breakdowns or typical verse / chorus sections) allows the track to hang in the sonic ether somewhat, loosing a clear perception of time and drawing the listener into it's mechanical groove. Heiko Laux takes the track to an even darker and more intense climax, and one that is surely destined for some deep, dark Berlin nightclub. Stuttering, echoed vocal effects and cascading synth washes begin proceedings while a blackened kick nails us down. Out of nowhere the blissful chime of the melody hits us, offering snippets of brightness in amongst all this darkness. This remix plays around with layers of frequency in very interesting ways; just when you think that you dancing to the full groove, another layer of kick drum and hi-hat drops, transporting you entirely into a new groove. A real sonic workout, and a delight to listen to on a nice big soundsystem. A great start then for Red Sonja, keep it guys!


A. Original
B. Heiko Laux Remix

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