Teenage Fanclub


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Bursting on to the US modern rock radio charts in November of 1991, Teenage Fanclub‘s first major label album surprised some pretty heavy hitters to win Spin’s Album of the Year. And while it may seem unbelievable, one listen of "Bandwagonesque" will prove to you why. From the opening of “The Concept,” to the last note of “Is This Music?,” vocal harmonies soar while jangling and fuzzy guitars alternate to dish up hooks so catchy its hard to believe you haven’t heard these songs before. Sounding like the British version of Big Star with elements of U.S. West Coast bands like the Byrds and The Beach Boys, the band made waves in the huge Alternative Rock explosion with two top 20 modern rock singles and had a profound impact on the rising and peaking Britpop scene in the 90’s, going so far as to have Noel Gallagher of Oasis calling them the second best band in the world. ORG is proud to present another album that helped inspire a revolution in music.


Andy says: Enormous, chiming, rocking, sing-a-long pop with more than a slight debt to Alex Chilton's Big Star. This was unashamedly retro 3 years before Oasis came along. Better songs too!

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