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Sun Comes Up Again

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A skilled multi-instrumentalist - he played every instrument on the album - and an extraordinarily talented songwriter, in Razorlight, Andy Burrows aka I Am Arrows, was an intrinsic part of the success of that band’s multi-million selling eponymous second album before his departure in 2008.
After a long time (literally) taking a backseat, Andy Burrows and his songs are now front and centre. Ideas, for so long stoppered up, are flooding out of him. You can hear this – the relief, the fun, the ambition, the talent – in the songs bursting all over the album.
Beautiful pop songs that suggest Seventies soul, modern ‘beats and bleeps’, and timeless melodies. Heartfelt songs about love, doubt, confusion, romance and, here and there, the mercurial ‘bromance’ he had with his former bandmates. The songs are small but huge, warmly fuzzy but perfectly formed, instantly appealing and naggingly unforgettable.


1. Nun
2. Green Grass
3. Nice Try
4. Far Enough Away
5. Monster Dash
6. No Wonder
7. So Long Ago
8. The Us
9. Another Picture Of You
10. 50 Feet High
11. Battle For Hearts & Minds
12. Park Slopey
13. Bruises
14. You've Found Love

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