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For the second year running Philophobia Music begins August with a collection of their favourite music from the Wakefield area. The title refers to the old meeting place in Wakefield.


1. Junior Swimsuit - How To Stay Airtight In A Southern State
2. One Day, After School - A Billion Parallels, Crashing
3. The Fur Blend - Let It Go
4. The Bambinos - When The Weathers Wrong
5. Salvage My Dream - Cost Of Living
6. St. Gregory Orange - Pan Away And Fade To Black
7. Imp - My Least Favourite Brunette
8. Jeremiah - Do Whatever He Says
9. Tiny Planets - Devout Loops
10. Piskie Sits - Sweet Little Weasel
11. Don't Give Up On Suburbia - Hoop
12. The Spills - Frontal Lobe (The Joy Of Checking Once)
13. Swords - Hazy Vapours
14. Harry Rhodes - Twitching Deep And Cursing Sweet
15. Michael Ainsley - Slip Smash
16. Daniel Lancaster - Camouflage
17. The Compression - Francine
18. Above Us The Waves - Pilot Episode
19. By By - The Rash That Grows
20. Candid Squash - Gimp

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